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There are 13 main ship classes in the game. Each ship type has a number of different skins which give additional features.

You start the game off with the first three ships. As you progress, you can unlock further ships, using Gold, Crystals and Legendary Tokens. Ships must be unlocked in sequence, i.e. you can't unlock Terminator until you have unlocked Pirate. This didn't use to be the case, so you may find some users with higher ships unlocked without having the previous ship(s).

Sparkles on your ship in your profile denotes a top ship.

Full List of Ships

Number Class Skins Costumes
1 Pulse Blast PulseBlast.png PulseBlastGain.png PulseBlastSpectre.png PulseBlastFirestorm.png MysticPulseBlast.png PredatorPulseBlast.png TransformerPulseBlast.png HalloweenPulseBlast.png Christmas
2 Wisdom Glory WisdomGlory.png WisdomGloryHell.png WisdomGloryEvil.png GalaxyWisdomGlory.png MysticWisdomGlory.png PredatorWisdomGlory.png TransformerWisdomGlory.png World Cup
3 Hawk HurricaneHawk.png BlizzardHawk.png CarnivalHawk.png GalaxyHawk.png MysticHawk.png PredatorHawk.png TransformerHawk.png Christmas
4 Thunder Blade ThunderBlade.png ThunderBladeCeladon.png ThunderBladeCerulean.png GalaxyThunderBlade.png MysticThunderBlade.png PredatorThunderBlade.png TransformerThunderBlade.png Halloween
5 Phantom LightPhantom.png WildPhantom.png DazzlingPhantom.png GalaxyPhantom.png MysticPhantom.png PredatorPhantom.png TransformerPhantom.png
6 Breaker SoundBreaker.png LightBreaker.png MagicBreaker.png GalaxyBreaker.png MysticBreaker.png PredatorBreaker.png TransformerBreaker.png
7 Assassin PhantomAssassin.png GoldenAssassin.png FrozenAssassin.png GalaxyAssassin.png MysticAssassin.png PredatorAssassin.png TransformerAssassin.png World Cup
8 Pirate PirateKing.png PiratePumpkin.png PirateChampion.png GalaxyPirate.png MysticPirate.png PredatorPirate.png TransformerPirate.png
9 Terminator Terminator.png WinterTerminator.png XTerminator.png GalaxyTerminator.png MysticTerminator.png PredatorTerminator.png TransformerTerminator.png HalloweenTerminator.png
10 Legendary Legendary.png AquaLegendary.png PhoenixLegendary.png GalaxyLegendary.png MysticLegendary.png PredatorLegendary.png TransformerLegendary.png World Cup
11 Lord ElementLord.png WinterLord.png PinkLord.png GalaxyLord.png Christmas
12 Tyrant Tyrant.png JupiterTyrant.png UranusTyrant.png GalaxyTyrant.png World Cup
13 Cyber Blade CyberBlade.png LightCyberBlade.png UltraCyberBlade.png GalaxyCyberBlade.png
14 Spectral Drake SpectralDrake.png


Each ship has a number of skins. Once unlocked, you can set this skin as your default for that ship, so whenever you pick the ship up in a game, you have the skin version rather than the base ship. Skins offer additional features over the base ship. Usually they are more powerful, but often they will have other skills such as PvP attacks.

You can specify a different skin for PvP and single player modes, by clicking on the Use PvP icon next to a ship. This will then use that skin in PvP mode, and the In Use skin for single player.

Warning: Sometimes it is possible to unlock or purchase a skin in the game, before you own the base ship. In this situation, you will not be able to use the skin until you have unlocked the base ship.


The Halloween 2022 event introduced ship Costumes. This allows you to change the appearance of your ship. This has no effect on its abilities, but it does disguise which ship you have, which may be a slight advantage in PvP.

At the current time, there are 10 costumes available. HALLOWEEN for Pulse Blast, Thunder Blade and Terminator, WORLD CUP for Wisdom Glory, Assassin, Legendary and Tyrant, and CHRISTMAS for Pulse Blast, Hawk and Lord.

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