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PvP (Player vs Player) is a game mode where you compete against other players.

Each player plays solo, but to win you must do one of the following:

  • Get 6 waves ahead of your opponent (in 1v3 getting 6 waves ahead of any other player will knock them out)
  • Reach wave 31 (or 51 of playing as a team) first
  • Be furthest ahead (individually, or as a team) when the (5 minute) timer is up. If levels are tied, time is taken into account.

There are two main strategies for PvP. These are:

  • Outrun your opponent. This is the best/safest strategy if you have strong ships. However, if your opponent is stronger, or you lose your partner in 2v2 then:
  • Attack your opponent. Using Galaxy Ships, Predator Ships, S2 and S4 Drones, and attack Wings you can send Traps to your opponent, making it more likely they will be defeated.

There are 5 PvP modes. These are:

Galaxy Ships, Predator Ships, S2 Drones and certain Wings can send attacks to your opponent(s) in PvP. The attack is sent to one of your opponents when you collect the ship or drone.