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There are various types of wings. Spaceships obtain wings for a period of time when Super Power is active. Each set of wings give different abilities.

Wings are obtained by collecting enough jigsaw pieces in Matrix, or by purchasing them in the Clan Shop.

To select which wings you want to use, click on your profile, then click the main image of your ship, then click on the icon in the top-right of the list of skins to switch to Wings. You can then pick the default wings your ship uses, and also select different wings if required to use during PvP.


Wings that will send attacks to your opponent are Galaxy Wings, Cypher Wings, S.H.I.E.L.D. Wings, Mega Force Wings and Evil Wings

To select different wings in PvP vs Single Player mode, firstly select the Wings you wish to use in PvP. Secondly, click on the Use PvP button at the bottom. This sets those wings as your PvP Wings. Finally, select the Wings you wish to use in Single player mode. The PvP Wings will be remembered, and the currently selected Wings will be used in Single Player mode.


Wings can be enhanced, from the default ☆☆☆ up to ★★★. Each additional star level increases the drop rate of Super Power by 20%, and lengthens Super Power by 2 seconds.

The only way to enhance wings is in the Infinity Stones Event. You have to collect the full requirement of all 10 stones in order to unlock the Enhance option.

Tip: It is almost impossible to obtain enough stones in this event purely by collecting them in game. It is usually necessary to use Evolve Stone Fusion to obtain any remaining stones. Each stone fused counts as a stone collected in this event.

Each enhancement level must be upgraded sequentially. The cost of each is as follows:

So to fully upgrade to ★★★ will cost 450 crystals.


In this screenshot, the Mega Force Wings and Evil Wings are on offer. Because all stones have been collected, the option to enhance any owned wings is offered.