Expert Items

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Expert Items are special abilities that can be assigned to your ship. These can be obtained in the Matrix. When you first obtain an Expert Item, it will be Common, and have weak abilities. Once you obtain more pieces of the Expert Item you can upgrade it to Rare, Epic and finally Mythical. Each upgrade makes the Expert Item more powerful.

Each item uses one slot, and a certain amount of capacity. Capacity can be increased by increasing the Rank of your ship.

The Expert Items are:

Once you have assigned an expert item to your ship, these will display in-game as icons at the bottom right of your display. Depending on the item, these may start off disabled, at which point they will be greyed out. They then become enabled, at which point they turn white with a blue circle around them. Once enabled, they may activate. Some Expert Items will display a red ring inside the blue circle at the point of activation. At this point they will deliver the promised power.